Ethical and sustainable business June 11, 2018 15:51

 What’s this all about?

Sustainability is central to Taylor & Bell Tents operations. At events, we will be occupying the space of nature so respect for the land is paramount. As a whole, we have environmental and ethical issues incorporated into our decision making. At times when tension arises, we will work toward a ‘minimal harm’ outcome.

How will we do this?

  • Minimise the use of disposables. Reuse & reuse items such as cups & plates.
  • Reduce as much waste product as possible & recycle whatever we can.
  • Use low impact power as an alternative to running generators wherever possible. Minimise use of generators.
  • Switch from disposable to rechargeable batteries.
  • Consider noise and light pollution of our business to protect wildlife.
  • Consider the employment conditions of international partners.
  • Use Fare Trade & organic produce where possible.
  • Car & vehicle sharing.
  • Fair pay & conditions.
  • Fair pricing. Inclusive rather than exclusive!
  • Customers and casual employees will not be excluded from our services in respect of age, disability, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or culture.

Of course we can’t do this alone, so we ask for your collaboration in helping us to achieve these goals. If you have any comments or suggestions to further improve our sustainability we would be keen to hear from you.

Taylor and Bell Tents sustainability

A note on sustainable business: we are passionate about this world and believe that peace comes from fostering healthy, sustainable relationships including those right here at home. We believe this extends to our business relationships and we will always promote our business based on the strength of our products and services. We have set the bar high in terms of quality and welcome competition as a way to constantly improve the customer experience.  We will not however engage in promotional methods that degrade our competitors as it doesn't fit with our values of ethical and sustainable business. 

Thank you 


Children's parties and sleepovers March 17, 2017 15:48 10 Comments

We are excited to introduce bell tent hire for kids parties and sleep overs. So if you are stuck for a unique idea for a party and want to take the hassle out of the organisation then this is an excellent option for you.

The choice of themes are pirates, super heroes, princess, fairy or just brightly coloured. Add your own touches or theme and we will support you to get set up.  


Kids party.     No mess, no stress.     We do it all for you. 


Also great for teenagers on a sleep over and we can supply all airbeds and bedding so you wouldn't even have the mess and laundry to deal with afterwards. We will deal with all of that on your behalf. 

Teenagers         Sleepovers


You can choose a 4M, 5M or 6M bell tent. Suitable for all ages. 


 Please get in contact if you want to know more. 

Glamping season 2018..... January 26, 2017 13:11

Yes you read that right, glamping season 2018!


We are already taking bookings for 2018 so if you don't want to miss out on your perfect glamping experience, you know....under canvas, moonlight on the tent, listening to the morepork or the sea lapping at the shore.....oh I get a bit carried away dreaming of trips gone by, but you get the picture.

If you want to share in your dreams, get in contact as I would love to hear about your vision. 

In the meantime, see you at One Love Festival or one of our beautiful weddings.  

Photos to follow for those of you that won't be there :) 

Big love

Louise x



Get your glamp on and try out a Taylor Bell Tent November 2, 2016 22:22 1 Comment

If you have been wondering what all the hype is with these glamping bell tents then we will be at the Seuss FREE Mini Festival on Sunday 13th November from 12-10PM for a very special event. So come along to step inside to feel the magic of glamping. 

You will find us at Kawaipurapura Yoga Retreat Centre in Albany, Auckland.


There will be music, art, performers, yoga, and maybe even a few workshops. You can bring a picnic to enjoy with family & friends or enjoy some of the delicious food on site. With a spot of luck we will also have ice-cream! :)

The show will culminate in a lighting, projections and laser show.

***This is where we give back. Not only is the event free and accessible to EVERYONE, but this is also a coin-bucket fundraiser for a wonderful children's charity, KidsCan'.

The day is also a prologue to the Seuss NYE festival so this is a great opportunity to experience the magic of all that is Seuss.

We have a special deal on glamping at Seuss, so if you are undecided about your New Years Eve CLICK HERE for something a bit different.


Free mini family festival

13th November 2016




The Travelling Tea Tent is an optional extra when you hire glamping from Taylor & Bell Tents. September 30, 2016 12:13

The tent is a huge 6M canvas bell tent with four doors so that you get a sense of being open to nature. Think of it as a shade canopy from the sun or a cosy place to be with friends in the evening. The fly sheet on the doors will keep the moths out and allow the cool night air in. The tea tent has a variety of uses, it's entirely up to you.





In this set up the tea tent is surrounded by the bell tents, providing a focal point for gathering. Guests mingled inside and at night the occasional snorer took up residence. The tent provided shelter from rain and when it got hot the open doors allowed a breeze through to keep guests cool. Chatting, board games and cards kept guests entertained during their stay. 


The interior of the Tea Tent is decked out with rugs, low level tables, cushions and stools. At weddings its mostly used as a lounge and area for breakfast to be served.  



We are on a mission to be as environmentally sound as possible so we avoid the use of noisy generators and cook and heat water with gas. Lighting is solar and candles. We welcome any advise and feedback about how we can go greener. 

Buy your new 5M glamping tent July 17, 2016 11:52

We are already half way through winter and starting to plan our summer holidays and realised you might be too. So if you want to create your very own glamping experience and lap up a little luxury over your Christmas and New Year’s holidays then you can order your new 5M glamping tent now. 



The canvas bell tents sold out quickly last year so to avoid disappointment you might want to get in quick and as a bonus, if you order your new tent now we will include free delivery to anywhere in New Zealand. Order Now.



Happy Glamping!

Introducing the 4M Kiwi Bell. September 3, 2015 13:53


It might be cold at the moment but with summer fast approaching we are well prepared for the glamping season.  We realise our 5m bell tents might be a bit large for some campsites so are excited to announce New Zealand's very first 4m Kiwi Bell Tent. They are of the same high quality as the 5m tents, except smaller.  The center pole is 2.5 m long so you can still stand up inside and move about with ease. These tents comfortably fit a double bed, a table and your belongings, or six friends can comfortably sat around enjoying the merriment of a gathering.  If you all get too hot in there you can still unzip the ground sheet and roll up the sides. 

Arno had his second year in the 4M Kiwi Bell and states:

".....didn't have any rain but the wind was terrible for a couple of nights. Two Gazebo's and a couple of tents ripped but ours was all good. It didn't really move either. Dom always says it is the best investment we've made."

The first year they went to the Bay of Islands and were snug and dry against the harsh torrential rain and thunder storm.  

These tents are just beautiful to stay in and we only have a small number for sale, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. 

Coming soon......

The Taylor & Bell Tent shop will have all you need to create that glamping experience wherever you go.