Ethical and sustainable business June 11, 2018 15:51

 What’s this all about?

Sustainability is central to Taylor & Bell Tents operations. At events, we will be occupying the space of nature so respect for the land is paramount. As a whole, we have environmental and ethical issues incorporated into our decision making. At times when tension arises, we will work toward a ‘minimal harm’ outcome.

How will we do this?

  • Minimise the use of disposables. Reuse & reuse items such as cups & plates.
  • Reduce as much waste product as possible & recycle whatever we can.
  • Use low impact power as an alternative to running generators wherever possible. Minimise use of generators.
  • Switch from disposable to rechargeable batteries.
  • Consider noise and light pollution of our business to protect wildlife.
  • Consider the employment conditions of international partners.
  • Use Fare Trade & organic produce where possible.
  • Car & vehicle sharing.
  • Fair pay & conditions.
  • Fair pricing. Inclusive rather than exclusive!
  • Customers and casual employees will not be excluded from our services in respect of age, disability, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or culture.

Of course we can’t do this alone, so we ask for your collaboration in helping us to achieve these goals. If you have any comments or suggestions to further improve our sustainability we would be keen to hear from you.

Taylor and Bell Tents sustainability

A note on sustainable business: we are passionate about this world and believe that peace comes from fostering healthy, sustainable relationships including those right here at home. We believe this extends to our business relationships and we will always promote our business based on the strength of our products and services. We have set the bar high in terms of quality and welcome competition as a way to constantly improve the customer experience.  We will not however engage in promotional methods that degrade our competitors as it doesn't fit with our values of ethical and sustainable business. 

Thank you