Introducing the 4M Kiwi Bell. September 3, 2015 13:53


It might be cold at the moment but with summer fast approaching we are well prepared for the glamping season.  We realise our 5m bell tents might be a bit large for some campsites so are excited to announce New Zealand's very first 4m Kiwi Bell Tent. They are of the same high quality as the 5m tents, except smaller.  The center pole is 2.5 m long so you can still stand up inside and move about with ease. These tents comfortably fit a double bed, a table and your belongings, or six friends can comfortably sat around enjoying the merriment of a gathering.  If you all get too hot in there you can still unzip the ground sheet and roll up the sides. 

Arno had his second year in the 4M Kiwi Bell and states:

".....didn't have any rain but the wind was terrible for a couple of nights. Two Gazebo's and a couple of tents ripped but ours was all good. It didn't really move either. Dom always says it is the best investment we've made."

The first year they went to the Bay of Islands and were snug and dry against the harsh torrential rain and thunder storm.  

These tents are just beautiful to stay in and we only have a small number for sale, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. 

Coming soon......

The Taylor & Bell Tent shop will have all you need to create that glamping experience wherever you go.