The Travelling Tea Tent is an optional extra when you hire glamping from Taylor & Bell Tents. September 30, 2016 12:13

The tent is a huge 6M canvas bell tent with four doors so that you get a sense of being open to nature. Think of it as a shade canopy from the sun or a cosy place to be with friends in the evening. The fly sheet on the doors will keep the moths out and allow the cool night air in. The tea tent has a variety of uses, it's entirely up to you.





In this set up the tea tent is surrounded by the bell tents, providing a focal point for gathering. Guests mingled inside and at night the occasional snorer took up residence. The tent provided shelter from rain and when it got hot the open doors allowed a breeze through to keep guests cool. Chatting, board games and cards kept guests entertained during their stay. 


The interior of the Tea Tent is decked out with rugs, low level tables, cushions and stools. At weddings its mostly used as a lounge and area for breakfast to be served.  



We are on a mission to be as environmentally sound as possible so we avoid the use of noisy generators and cook and heat water with gas. Lighting is solar and candles. We welcome any advise and feedback about how we can go greener.