About Us

Taylor and Bell Tents was born out of a love of camping and the freedom of being in nature. Glamping developed as a natural response to needing a haven in amongst the chaos of many wet and muddy festivals! Coming over a hill to view a field of bell tents is a beautiful sight and sleeping in one is just divine. It's these experiences that I want to share with you.  Its all about staying in comfort whilst being in nature. Also known as glamour camping and boutique camping.  

Welcome to Taylor & Bell Tents!

 The people of New Zealand experience the charm of glamping and in turn we experience the joy of creating beautiful weddings, accommodation for music events, corporate events and much more. Our events involve the coming together of people and gatherings for the soul, fueling a passion for providing a personalised customer service. Taylor & Bell Tents look forward to working alongside you to make your event memorable and unique.

This is us.....

Taylor and Bell Tents crew  ....and many more beautiful people that make this company awesome.

Taylor and Bell Tents take a "no suprises" stance to our relationship with customers and provide clear and concise pricing. We value you with as much passion as we value each other and this Earth.

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