Corporate glamping

Without corporate retreats, you are like a football team that never huddles, never practices, never plans and does not hold training camps.

Peter Twist, MSc, IDEA Author/Presenter

Being away from the office is valued as a successful model of staff engagement for team planning, professional learning development and time to think and process beyond the confines of the workplace.  We believe that taking staff away from the pressures of the office can enable them to focus on productivity and draw on their creativity.  Get in touch to discover how Taylor & Bell Tents can support your event.  Our goal is to assist in your vision for business growth.

Corporate events Auckland and Wellington


We have a list of suitable venues to host your corporate event and can help to secure something more local if needed. 


If you are a company that provides activities for outdoor corporate events, we would be interested to hear from you. Please Contact Us for a discussion on how we might team up.

Our tents are ideal for outdoor display rooms for exhibitions and other events.  They will also adapt into a pop up restaurant as the tents are great for low level, seated dining.  Contact Us for more information.


'Amazing team and beautiful location. They offer a great experience and the staff were helpful and attentive. I cant wait to use them again for another event!!'