Hiring a Tent

What is included in each 5m tent?
Furnishings include single or queen air mattress or full bed depending on the package you choose. Duvet, pillows, linen and blankets. Mat or rugs to cover the floor, door mat for shoes, rustic low level wooden tables and bed side tables, fairy lights and lanterns with led candles. Refillable glass water bottle with glasses, small flower vase, face mirror. 

Can I have more than one bed in each tent?
Yes. The tents sleep up to 4 people so let us know the bedding configuration. For example a quad tent can have two queens, or two queens and two singles, or four singles. We do not provide two queens for two people unless by prior agreement. .

What is the wedding tent?
The wedding tent is a 5 meter bell tent that includes specially chosen cotton linen, fluffy rugs, floor cushions, blanket and throw, mirror, queen size bed, bedside tables & lighting. We are able to personalize your tent to create the dream wedding for you. A flower vase with foliage picked from the area is provided or we can work with your florist to use flowers of your choice.

What does the Lounge Tent provide?
The Lounge Tents come in two sizes: 6m and 7m. Included are floored seating on rugs, cushions and low level stools. There are also two low level tables, ambient lighting and a few board games and cards. Its a cool place to hang out and shelter from the elements. The 6m tent hosts 30 people and the 7m tent hosts 50 people. The tent can also be used for seated dining on round tables, which can be hired separately.

What is included in the hire price for each tent?
The price includes furnished tents, all labour to set up and dismantle the glamping site, event planning up to 40 hours, one site visit within the north island (south island will incur additional costs), maintenance of guy ropes and air beds during your event and we will arrange a time with you that will suit. Otherwise we leave you in peace. We are available 24/7 throughout your event if any issues arise.

What about lighting?
The lighting within the tent is ambient solar lighting with a solar lantern outside. We also use flameless led candles. Torches are available for use.

What if there is no electricity, water, toilets or showers?
We endeavour to use solar power wherever possible but occasionally we will need to use a generator. We can set up a glamping and wedding site from nothing and bring in all the facilities using a select number of services that we know and trust. We will discuss this with you at the time of booking.

Do you have any recommended venues for tent set up?
Yes, we have a list of recommended venues available to host your glamping experience both in the north and south island. Please refer to our website. 

Buying a Tent

Can the tents be set up for long term use?
The canvas bell tents are made for the average camper. If you wish to use your bell tent as a semi-permanent structure then you are best to go for the polycotton tent as this will be more durable against the UV rays.

The canvas bell tents will require an awning if you plan to set the tent up for permanent or long term use.

What tents are available for purchase?
We have 4M, 5M and 6M tents for sale. We have these in stock in Auckland.

Can tents be collected?
Yes, you can collect from either the North Shore or West Auckland. Please arrange prior to purchase. 

Is re-proofing required?
Yes, reproofing is required when you can no longer see droplets of water running off the tent. We recommend Nik Wax products as these do the job without damaging the canvas or the environment

How do I clean my tent? 

1) It is in your interest to keep the canvas as clean as possible and remove stains when they first appear.

2) When dealing with fungus, use a soft brush or sponge and a lot of fresh water and a cleaning agent - and then a waterproofing agent is applied if necessary. 

3) Dust and dried mud is better wiped away with a soft brush before a cleaning agent and then waterproofing agent is applied if necessary.

4) Only use specialized tent cleaning products to remove difficult stains as other domestic chemical products can cause the cotton to degrade. We recommend Nik Wax products as these won't damage the canvas. 

5) Please use cleaning agents first on your bell tent to remove stains, then waterproofing agents when canvas is completely dry after cleaning if necessary.

6) If using your bell tent frequently, or for long periods of time, a cleaning and waterproofing treatment may be applied more frequently

Are the tents water and wind resistant?
Yes up to 350mm. The design of the tent is such that water will run off. We have been in extreme weather conditions and stayed nice and dry inside. 

The tents have been well tried and tested in 80km wind gusts and survived. They are sturdier than most other temporary structures.  

Tent is leaking? 
When new, cotton canvas can sometimes leak around the seams - this is perfectly normal and once the tent has had its first light shower the weave of the canvas will shrink, just slightly, and this will no longer happen.

Can the tent be packed down while damp/wet?
Due to insufficient ventilation, fungus can affect the canvas so it's really important to store your tent dry to avoid fungus or other stains appearing! If you have to temporarily store your tent wet be sure to either remove the mud and dirt from under the groundsheet OR separate groundsheet from canvas until dry. Having taken down a wet tent, you MUST ensure to leave it out to dry within 48 hours -  before being packed away and stored.

Can a fire be placed inside the tent?
Some people do, although we don't recommend it. 

How much does the tent weigh? 

Total weigh including poles and pegs:

4M tent: 24kg

5m tent 34kg

6M tent: 46kg

What is the life span of the Taylor and Bell Tents?
The lifespan of your bell tent is very dependent upon the camping conditions and the way you look after it. Air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural and domestic dirt, all limit the lifespan of your cotton canvas bell tent - in short, if you look after your tent it will look after you for many years of happy camping

How many people can sleep comfortably in each tent?

4m tent - (3 people) 
5m tent - (4 people) 
6m tent - (6 people)

How do I repair my tent?
You might be surprised by the level of repair you can achieve yourself. Small rips in the canvas can literally be stitched closed using a common needle and thread, and the area will remain water resistant once sealed.

Larger rips and tears will need to be patched - just make sure to try and use the same canvas colour, and type, as the original.

If you feel the repair is beyond your capabilities then your bell tent can be taken to a professional Tent & Awning Repairer and fixed for a reasonable price. 

What extra services do you provide?
We also stock spare poles, pegs and rain caps. 

If you prefer to hire a tent, we have a range of packages to suit. Please contact us