Bell Tent Set up Tips

This bell tent has been treated to be water, UV and mould resistant to help protect from dirt, ultraviolet radiation and fungus. From new, your bell tent can be used straight out of the bag without any need for treatment prior to use.
“A” Frame Opening
When “A” frame pole is in place, there will be a spike showing through an opening in the canvas. Place the plastic rain cap on top of the spike so the rain water will not seep inside the tent
Zips are likely, at times, to endure extreme tension caused by wind, incorrect set ups or pressures caused by people or objects - here are some zip tips:
1) Before setting up your tent, zip the canvas and the groundsheet together all the way round - apart from the door.
2) Even though the groundsheet and tent may come separately, we recommend you keep them zipped together - this way you get a neater pitch, the zip's have less stress and it's faster to pitch up and take down.
3) Operate zips with care using a smooth, steady motion.
4) If a zip on your pitched bell tent seems strained, play with the tension on the guy ropes or adjust the positioning of the elastic peg loops to remove tension and ensure the zip functions correctly.
5) Protect zips by applying a silicone sealant once in a while.
Care, Safety & Storage: